Education & Skill Development

Education & skill development are the most fundamental pillars of a functional society. Many children grow up, with their parents working in neighbourhood towns. This involuntary migration is sought in most of the rural and urban areas with the aim to escape from unemployment, social discrimination and disaster. These ‘home alone’ children are left without attention, become early drop outs from school, more likely to be child labours and often suffer from health problems.  As they are neglected by their parents, they lack proper food, education, care, sexual abuse, etc.

Our aim is to provide such children and youth a secured future and help them with their denied rights – food, safety & education. 

Rosaleen Larkin Children Home / Community Based Home:

294 children were provided with free accommodation, food, uniform, school books, adequate stationery and health care. They have transformed from undernourished, unkempt illiterates to healthy, happy youngsters most of whom have completed ITI, Civil Engineering and Nursing courses. Many of these children are the FIRST in their families who can read and write.  

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Happy Schools: (Supplementary Education): 

Since 1995, ‘Happy Schools’ – evening study centres operated after school hours in villages has helped over 9243 children supplementing their formal education.  In Happy Schools, children were assisted to revise their lessons under the supervision of trained tutors. Happy Schools have helped to retain the children in schools and the drop-out rate has considerably decreased. 

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Non-Residential Educational Support:

Enables children to achieve their education potential by providing bursary support during their secondary education and vocational guidance so they make an informed choice of future career. 

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Skill Training to Youth:

Since 2000, SPPD has been bringing about a change in the life of poor youth in Tamil Nadu by engaging with Government in PPP Models, individuals and corporate houses to be a part of change story by empowering underprivileged youth through skill training and monetary support. 

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