Empowerment of Women

Our support of children also extends to empowerment of rural women – the primary carers of children.

Problems faced by women include:

Early marriage

As young as 14 years.

Domestic violence

Discrimination by their husbands or in-laws

Lack of rights

Women often have no voice in family or society

Lack of economic independence

The average wage for women is about $1.00/day

Desertion by husband

Alcoholism, depression, ill health and death of their husbands often leave women alone, and with the responsibility of taking care of their children on their own.


Due to the lack of education, women are not aware of either their rights or rights of their children.

To combat these ills, SPPD has taken the following measures:

  • Organization of women into Self Help Groups (SHGs)

    Over 52,000 women are registered as members of SHGs. Each Group has 12 – 20 members, each of whom contributes Rs.25 – Rs.200 per month to the Group's savings account. They meet twice a month and are visited by a coordinator monthly. Issues discussed include hygiene, health, STI prevention and treatment, nutrition, domestic violence, and economic independence.

  • Provision of legal aid when necessary
  • Promotion of savings, micro credits, insurance plans and micro enterprises

    To help women gain financial independence, SPPD provides them with funds through micro loans at competitive interest rates. This saves women from exploitation by money lenders in the community.

  • Organising Women's World Day activities
  • Training in vocational and entrepreneurial skills, loan management and micro enterprise

    These skills further allow women to become economically independent.

  • Initiation of Inter-SHG Federation Activities

    To make our SHGs more effective and to enhance social and economic independence, women from different villages come together to share their knowledge and experience

  • Encouragement of women to participate in local government elections and present themselves as candidates

    To date 17 women have been elected to local government positions.