Evening Study Centre

This scheme is the first of our initiatives that aims to provide supplementary education to children in rural and slum areas from grade 1 to 8. Happy School, the very base of our organisation’s initiation, has so far catered to over 7700 children through 25 centers.  The total number of students summed up to 803 for the academic year 2013 - 2014.

In Happy Schools, children were guided by tutors to revise their lessons taught in the school in a conducive environment. Many children have illiterate parents who cannot help them with their studies. This impacts children's performance at school, lowers their self-esteem - and some of them eventually stop attending school at all. Happy School Centre have helped to retain the children in schools, and the drop-out rate has considerably decreased.

The feedback from school authorities on the students from ‘Happy Schools’ were encouraging.  Students are regular with their homework. They always wear clean uniforms and are more concerned with their personal hygiene. They participate in extra-curricular activities without fear.

SPPD follows a special lesson plan that ensure all the ‘Happy School’ students are able to read, write and speak basic Tamil & English and other subjects too. The first step towards this plan is to grade students in three different levels. Based on their level, the lesson plans will be outlined by the staff.

We support students with school uniforms and supplies, such as pens, notebooks etc.

The curriculum covers:·     
Reinforcement tuition of academic syllabus·       
Environmental awareness·        
Tuition in life skills such as personal hygiene·    
Local, regional and national history and culture· 
Yoga, exercise and annual sports day

The Happy School teachers meet twice a month with the programme coordinators at the Community Centre to discuss the syllabus and arising issues. Classes are conducted for six days a week in a common place areas such as temple yards.