Rosaleen Larkin & Community Based Home

Rosaleen Larkin Children Home:

In villages, migration is a regular phenomenon for many centuries. Reasons are poverty, social strife, ultimate dependence on monsoons, etc. In the absence of a livable wage & social welfare benefits, to assume a better living, local residents seek employment in nearby towns. Thus it creates an in-secured life style for women and children. Children from such families are left without attention and majority of them end up becoming school drop outs, street children and often exploited physically & mentally. 

Our aim is to support children who are affected due to the above said reasons with a secured future. Rosaleen Larkin Children’s Home takes care of children who are orphans, semi-orphans, abandoned, HIV affected and very poor children who have dropped out of school, who have ailing, elderly parents.

The children are provided special care, warmth & love in a child-friendly atmosphere with free accommodation, food, uniform, school books, adequate stationery and health care. They have transformed from undernourished, unkempt illiterates to healthy, happy youngsters most of whom have completed ITI, Civil Engineering and Nursing courses. Many of these children are the first generation learners. Till date around 294 children were groomed and leading a better life style supporting their families.

Community based homes:

In the year 2014, the organization has adopted the community based home model where children were encouraged to stay with their parents & financial support (expenses pertaining to nutritional, educational, medical & toiletry) were extended to them till they reach their high school and further on with vocational guidance.  This model, helped children to be closer with their family there by entrusting the onus of upbringing children on the parents and significant ones. They will also have more opportunities to support their parents, siblings or other relatives in the future.