Sustainable Agriculture

As we help farmers towards sustainability, we ensure that future generation of children will be able to go to school.

Problems faced by farmers:
  • Dry land in a semi-arid region: no rain for 8 months of the year
  • Mono-cropping of rice for years results in impoverished soil
  • Prior overuse of chemical fertilizers
  • Lack of understanding of water conservation methods
  • Deforestation and very shallow topsoil (5 inches or less)
  • Diminished and irregular monsoon season
  • Harvesting difficulty as a result of monsoon irregularities
  • Adverse impact of climate change on farming practices
To address these issues SPPD has developed the following:
  • Phased reintroduction of effective, proven and traditional organic farming methods under dry land (semi-arid) farming situations. New technologies to counteract drought and increase crop productivity.
  • Training of poor and marginal farmers in the knowledge and skills related to organic farming technologies. 200 farmers in 6 villages were trained.
  • Ten Farmer Self Help Groups formed into the 'Marudham' federation. Its goals are:
    • To improve farming methods through the exchange of knowledge and sharing of resources
    • To facilitate borrowing micro-loans
  • Training of farmers in preparation and utilization of various organic products such as vermicompost, panjakavium and herbal pesticides
  • A combined fodder crop/livestock farming system for increased income and sustainability
  • Tree-planting to induce appropriate micro-climate in the crop area and provide fodder for livestock as well as supplementary income from the sale of timber.