Wash Program

Children suffering from cancer and TB - people of all ages affected by diabetes and poisoned by polluted water ... defecating outdoors instead of using toilets. These are the health problems that SPPD now wants to add to their long-term health programme which has tackled HIV/AIDS for many years.

Working with the AXSHYA programme of REACH (one of the Stop TB NGOs), we are bringing prevention and care support to the community through our one-day awareness camps. These teach groups of 20-50 people to spot the signs of TB, where to go for treatment and how to prevent it spreading. We also carry out door-to-door surveys as part of our Intensive Outreach Activities (IOA) programme in order to reach vulnerable and marginalized families.

Building on this experience, we are now developing a scheme to teach people to purify water, construct or make proper use of toilets. (38% of Indian homes have a toilet, but only about half of them are used. This means that about one in five Indians actually uses a toilet.

Our plan to teach personal hygiene to adolescent girls aims to help them stay healthy in youth and develop their awareness for family life later.

SPPD's aim to create a better-informed, healthier community in a safer environment.