Youth Skill

Agriculture in its traditional form is no more a significant source of employment in the State is the fact. In recent years employment in unorganized has increased across the country and this is fast catching up in Tamil Nadu. 

Overall, the state has 3.92 crores youth without a job, at 2.45 crores, a majority of them are female who live in rural areas. On myth busted by this age wise data on workers and non-workers is that young women do not want to work either because of family responsibilities or social disapproval, while the bulk of non-workers are indeed women.

Among dalits, unemployment rate in the working age population of 15-59 years was a shocking 18%, much higher than the general population. 21% are dalits and 22% tribals were reported to be unemployed, this includes the ‘youth’ age group of 15-24 years.

Every year thousands of students and young adults drop out of schools and colleges due to financial constraints and lack of opportunities. Thousands of dreams and aspirations die and talented youth from rural and urban India is forced to take odd jobs to survive. Yet, there are few who do not give up and fight for better opportunities.

Since 2000, SPPD has been bringing about a change in the life of poor youth in Tamil Nadu by engaging with Government in PPP Models, individuals and corporate houses to be a part of change story by empowering underprivileged youth through skill training and monetary support. 

Scholarship Support: With the support of Joe Homan Charity and Give2Asia, 126 youth were provided with monetary support to pursue their technical/vocational education in fields like Paramedical, Culinary arts, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc. A sum of money are being transferred to the students' bank accounts every month followed by visits to the students' home and schools. SPPD organizes coaching classes and pre- and post-orientation programmes for the students and their parents. This program has been successful in assisting youths with the much-needed finance to support their studies. We strongly hope that this programme will have a positive impact on the education of the children, and pave the way to a secured future for them. 

Modular Employable Skill (MES) – Skill Development Initiative (SDI): A key implementing partner with Ministry of Labour & Employment, Tamil Nadu Government is implementing training to youth in various skills like Medical & Nursing, garment and hospitality. The youth are provided with skills through training and placement assistance.

You can join us through Global Giving in our pursuit of providing ‘Education for 100 poor and rural youth in India’.