Children get prepared for Schooling Again!

Team SPPD Mar 22, 2022

It has been a long time for the kids to have attened regular classes in their schools. The covid pandemic situation has changed the lives of most of the people around the world. The children are one of most affected during these two years period since the outbreak of Corona pandemic.
Now the schools have been reopened and children of all age groups have started attending school. We are aware of the impacts on the children due to the closure of schools for an unprecedented period of time in recent times. The children have got affected both in physical and psychological well being.
There was always the threat of being diverted to child labor and for some girls in the villages were faced with the reality of child marriage. The loss of livelihood of their parents coupled with long time closure of schools had led to such a situation.
Keeping the above in mind SPPD has been involved in the intervention of providing nutritional food kits with the kind association of Give India. Around 1350 children have been receiving the same every month which has been greatly helping them to minimize the bad impacts of the pandemic time school closure.
Now the schools have been reopened but the children are faced with some other issues. Many of those children having been tied up to their homes for long, they have lost the regular school going habit.
 Most of the children especially in the age group of 5 to 12 need to be motivated on regular schooling. The children in this age group of 5 to 12 years have lost touch with the reading and writing practice. So they have to start all over again to learn these aspects that are vital for learning process.
Many children also have got addicted to online games having got bogged down with the mobile phones for their online classes for almost two years. Hence SPPD has been taking up measures on motivating them towards attending regular classes without fail.
Apart from the 1350 children who are the recipients of the Give India sponsored nutritional food kits other children of the villages also are in need of this motivational intervention along with adhering to covid protocols to protect themselves. Let us hope all children become accustomed again to the school going habit.

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