"Deluge in the Districts: Navigating the Torrents of Heavy Rains in Tirunelveli and Tenkasi"

Team SPPD Dec 23, 2023

Heavy rains in Tirunelveli have been pouring incessantly for the past few days. The people of the southern districts are currently reeling under the rain before they can recover from the impact of Cyclone Migjam in Chennai.

Rain after 31 years:
After a gap of 31 years, Tirunelveli district is reeling under floods. Unlike usual, the rain has caused severe damage. Due to this rain, many people from all over Tamil Nadu are doing their best to help the southern districts.

Incessant rain in Tenkasi:
In Tenkasi district, 10,000 acres of paddy crops were submerged due to incessant heavy rains. Several parts of Tenkasi district have been receiving incessant heavy rains since last night. Due to this heavy rainfall, the Western Ghats are also experiencing heavy rains, and all the waterfalls of Courtallam have been flooded with waterfalls.

Due to this, all the rivers in Tenkasi district including Gundar Chittar, Hanuman River and Arikara River have been flooded. The ponds are all full and the other side is flowing. Traffic was disrupted in the area after the Thalavaipuram tank on the Sankarankovil Surandai road in Tenkasi district was overflowing and surplus water was flowing through the road. 1992 Nellai floods Lives lost in their sleep.. In 2023, the tragedy will come back to the fore!

40000 cusecs of water per second:
Papanasam dam is receiving 40,000 cusecs of water every second. The dams are filling up very fast. Due to continuous heavy rains in the Western Ghats, there is a possibility of additional water being released into the Thamirabarani River. Continuous steps are being taken to evacuate the people along the coast as the water in the river will come very fast if additional water is opened in the dam. The disaster center is functioning on standby to deal with any eventuality. As of now, 1,200 people have been accommodated in camps. More than 100 JCB machines have been pressed into service for rain-affected work. The situation in the district is under control.

Affected people:
Relief materials are also being sent to the southern districts on behalf of various district administrations. SPPD Charity, Musiri-Trichy Dist has made arrangements to accommodate the affected people in the Tirunelveli & Tenkasi area. Many people in Tirunelveli & Tenkasi districts are suffering due to heavy rains. In this situation, the severely affected people are given space to stay in the private and government College through SPPD Charity.

SPPD Charity`s Swift Response:

   Recognizing the urgency of the situation, SPPD Charity swiftly activated its disaster response mechanisms. The organization`s quick response was instrumental in reaching out to the affected communities, demonstrating a commitment to providing immediate relief to those in distress.

Emergency Shelter and Relief Distribution:

   SPPD Charity played a crucial role in establishing emergency shelters for families displaced by the flooding. These shelters not only provided a haven but also served as centers for distributing essential relief materials, including food, water, blankets, and hygiene kits.

Medical Aid and Health Services:

   Understanding the potential health risks in the aftermath of a storm and flooding, the SPPD Charity mobilized medical teams to provide essential healthcare services. This included the distribution of medical supplies, conducting health camps, and offering support to those in need of medical attention.

Rescue Operations and Evacuation Support

   The storm left many stranded in inaccessible areas. SPPD Charity actively participated in rescue operations, working closely with local authorities to evacuate individuals and families trapped in flood-affected zones. Their efforts played a crucial role in saving lives and ensuring the safety of the community.

Community Rehabilitation Initiatives   

Beyond immediate relief, SPPD Charity focused on long-term rehabilitation efforts. This included community engagement programs to assess ongoing needs, rebuild damaged homes, restore livelihoods, and provide counseling and psychological support to those affected by the Heavy rains.

Volunteerism and Donor Contributions

   SPPD Charity`s success in aiding the Chennai community during the Heavy rains was greatly enhanced by the dedication of its volunteers and the support of generous donors. The organization actively encouraged volunteer participation and maintained transparency in communicating the impact of donor contributions, we have fostered a sense of shared responsibility and solidarity.

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