Giving Hope….to COVID affected families with support of Give India.

Team SPPD Feb 05, 2022

During the last 6 months, we have involved in the activities that were related to mitigating the suffering of the sections of the communities due to the Covid caused lockdown and other problems.
The children of the villages here have been at the receiving end in many ways since the outbreak of the pandemic COVID 19. The schools remain shut for a fairly long time denying the children their educational needs and physical needs.
Similarly, there were quite a number of families that had lost their bread winners to the delta variant of COVID infection during the period. And the families of the unorganized sector suffered severe loss of livelihoods. And SPPD involved in the interventions supporting these families and the children.
This apart, as one of the most important interventions during the period 21 families who had lost their bread winners due to covid received solatium of Rs.30000/-. All the above-mentioned interventions could be carried out by us with the support from Give India. We thank all the donors for this noble support.
With the Omicron and Delta variants of the Covid threatening to cause damages to lives and livelihoods of vulnerable individuals and communities in the new year too, it appears that such support only can help the affected communities withstand the onslaught of the pandemic.
Jeyachithra`s husband Sekhar had passed away due to covid19 infection on the 6th May this year. Her son Sachin says that her mother is unwell and has to go all the way to district head quarters government hospital at Virudhunagar. She has been complaining hardness of chest and difficulty in breathing. Sachin has completed higher secondary (+2) and her younger sister Lavanya is studying 11th grade.
According to Sekhar the surviving three members of the family are in dire straits since his father`s death as her mother is not able to take up the daily wage work she used to do earlier. And they are hardly able to manage the expense of the family and survive with the handouts given by neighbors and some relatives until now.
He says that he has decided to drop out of studies for the year to help the family to manage the essential expense and continue studies next year if he gets help from Give India and thank the donors in advance for the help.

Ashraf Ali had died after getting hospitalized for Covid 19 infection on 18.04.21. According to his wife Mekhala this tragedy has left the entire family shattered totally. Her husband was the sole bread winner for the family and was working as videographer taking up job works of photography and videos for functions and small events.
The couple have two children daughter the Monisha and the son Mohammed Ashraf. The daughter Monisha is doing post graduation( MBA) through correspondence and the son Mohammed is doing second year. Mekhala says since the death of her husband they have been managing the family only with the money got by selling the camera that was being used by her husband Ashraf.
She further says as theirs happened to be an inter religious marriage, neither of the families both her and her husband extend any help even in such extremely struggling times. To add to their agony her son has met with an accident fracturing his leg severely and he is still to recover fully from the impacts of the same. Under these circumstances the help from Give India would go a long way in helping the family come out of this terrible crisis. And hence she and her two children want to thank the donors of Give India from the bottom of their hearts for the promised aid.

Senthilnathan had passed away on the 11th of May this year after long hospitalization having got infected with Covid19. But as almost 90 % of his lungs had got damaged due to the severity of the Covid infection he died after nearly 25 days of hospitalization. His wife Shanthi their daughter Sadanah Sri and the son Hari Balaji. Their daughter is 12 years old and doing 7th grade and the son is 9 years old is studying 4th grade.
Shanthi says her husband was working as a salesman in a private concern as a sales man. He had been taking care of the family completely and she was a only a home maker. The situation has turned upside down at her husband`s demise and she has to mange everything single handedly going forward.
Now she along with her two children have been staying in her mother`s house since the passing of her husband being unable to pay the rent and meeting the essential expenses of the family. Her mother herself has been living with the meager income earned by the brother of Shanthi.
Hence Shanthi says her brother alone can not support her family too for long. She has been trying to secure a job and trying different sources including the concern where her husband was working at the time of his death as an office attender.
 In these terrible circumstances if the family receives the aid from Give India she would be able to make use of the same to pay for the various expenses such as rental advance, educational expense of her children and other essential expenses until she gets a job to make ends meet. So she wants to express her gratitude to Give India and the donors who would be sponsoring the timely help.

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