Team SPPD Nov 03, 2021

The celebration of Deepavali or Diwali as it is called is around the corner. Let this festival of light, kindle the light of hope in the hearts of one and all. Last 2020 Diwali had to be celebrated in a very subdued and somber mood due to the panic stricken pandemic conditions.
Of course this year, the global community is still in the grip of pandemic situation but with a difference. Unlike last Deepavali this time around the Vaccines that have been made against Covid19, bring the hope of light that things would certainly get back to normal soon.
Indeed the frequent lockdowns induced by the pandemic have been wreaking havoc around the world. In India the families of the Daily wagers, workers of unorganized sector, hawkers etc have been the worst hit. The cracker units and printing units of Sivakasi, the textile units of Tirupur that are one of the most important industrial hubs of the state remain shut leaving thousands of families in dire straits.
It is well known that children are the ones who miss the festivities of occasions like Diwali the most. And last year the children belonging to these sections along with their parents had to spend festivals like Diwali without the usual excitement and fun.
Yes this year though hope for the better days are in the sight, the danger of transmission is yet to be over. The medical experts have been warning against any slackness on the part of the people and want us to be very cautious and strict in following the SMS like Sanitizing of hands, wearing Masks, , Social distancing.
But we can not keep missing the celebrations of the occasions like Diwali. Especially the children need to be kept in such spirits during Diwali. We can keep the social distancing to keep the Covid19 at bay even while celebrating the festival. The interactions of near and dear ones during Diwali could be made in a virtual way through phone calls . Hence this time this could be called a Tech Diwali as instead of traditional way, we shall celebrate it the Tech way.
While doing so we can also gift what ever we wish to, to the children of underprivileged sections so that they could also enjoy the spirit of the festivities this Diwali. Let us all celebrate. Wish you all a Happy Tech Diwali!

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