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Team SPPD Nov 17, 2021

Quite  a few landmarks have been achieved  during the course of the project execution and the same have been explained hereunder.   

One of the major impacts or landmark achievements of the project has been the effective prevention of the children becoming child laborers.The covid pandemic rendered a substantial number of persons belonging to the region have lost their livelihood. The unorganized sections such as daily wagers, small vendors, inter district migrant laborers etc  form the majority of   the population of the region. 

The loss of livelihood is further worsened by the children of these communities missing the free noon meals they used to have when the schools were functioning prior to Corona pandemic period. These causes have led to children being sent for work in many families. Nutritional food kit being given by Give India to the children has gone a long way in preventing this. 

Similarly, the incidence of getting the girl children married off as also has increased in a big way during the pandemic. This also has been effectively restricted since the scheme Hungry Children had commenced. These two developments are two of the major landmark achievements of the project. 

 The villages falling under the project belong to the taluks of Musiri, Thuraiyur, Lalgudi and Srirangam and Keeranur of Pudukottai districts of Tamil Nadu.

As many as 1500 children belonging to the villages of the project area have been the direct beneficiaries receiving the monthly food kit sponsored by Give India. Similarly, well over 6000 persons being the family members of these direct beneficiaries are the indirect beneficiaries of the project.
 Due to adherence of corona protection norms no event were organized as part of the project during the period. But the officials of various concerned departments and local authorities have been duly informed of the necessary particulars of the project.

The Hungry Child project has impacted the beneficiaries in a multiple ways. The covid pandemic rendered a substantial number of persons belonging to the region have lost their livelihood. The rate of drop outs due to pandemic induced lockdown conditions, livelihood loss and closure of schools for well over a year have been mitigated in a big way in our villages. In the very challenging pandemic conditions the continuance of the studies of hundreds of school children of the region has been effectively ensured.

 By receiving nutritional supplements that form part of the food kits, the beneficiary children have been able to maintain their physical health. Moreover most of the children have reported that the food items such as date fruits, cow peas, horse gram and the nutritional mix had never been tasted by them before. 

Similarly the plight of the children living with HIV and the children of persons living with HIV in this Covid pandemic times got worsened in our region. The help they were receiving have got stopped due to total focus help towards Covid interventions. For want of covid protection protocols the peer meeting etc which used to be conducted during pre-covid days for the persons living with HIV etc too had to be called off.

Under such pathetic circumstances these children were protected by the distribution of the nutritional food kits and their CD4 count could be maintained properly.
Along with this the nutritional food kits have been effectively used by SPPD as a tool to negotiate with the parents in desisting them from falling prey to the temptations of child labor and child marriage of girls.

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