Let this Diwali bring Happiness!

Team SPPD Oct 22, 2022

Deepavali or Diwali as it is called in some parts of the the country is a festival of light and is celebrated across India and in the countries to which Indians have migrated.

But during the last three years since the outbreak of Covid pandemic in 2020 Diwali was not celebrated the way it used to be traditional. The spirit of the festival was completely missing thanks to the strict covid protocols that was in force.

The worst and saddest part was during those years humanity lost millions of lives across the world. The viral infection has left many with lifelong serious morbidities. Livelihood loss was a major fallout of the pandemic and its impacts and severity were extremely telling in the countries like India.

Children were badly affected by going without food and nutrition. Scores of children have lost their parents to this deadly covid virus.

Now thankfully normalcy has returned and people are able to go ahead with their daily routine.

But many individual donors and organizations have helped the most vulnerable sections in a big way to come out of hunger and death. Donations from the alumni of renowned institutions like IIT and NIT and also have gone a long way apart from online platforms such as Give India in mitigating the suffering of the pandemic hit communities.

The online Charity Give India in particular has associated with SPPD in a major intervention of No Hungry Child. Around 5000 families received food kits comprising dry rations. And well over 1500 children have been receiving monthly nutrition kits. All must thank charities like GIVE INDIA and individual donors who have contributed enormously towards reducing the suffering of the victims of hunger and despair during the pandemic.

And now this year we feel extremely relieved and preparing to celebrate the festival of Diwali with traditional fervor and spirit. At this juncture let us all contribute to help those who can not afford to celebrate Diwali. Especially the children who deserve the most. Wishing you all a Happy Diwali!

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