Mental health a Global Priority

Team SPPD Oct 14, 2022

Mental Health and Psycho-Social support includes any support that people receive to protect and promote their mental health and psychosocial well-being. Depression, Anxiety, and post-traumatic stress are the main complaints and factors that affect the mental health of humans.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has been carrying out a campaign for mental health and the 10th of October of every year is World Mental Health Day. And World Mental Health Day is being celebrated since the year 2013. The World Federation for Mental Health ( WFMH) declared “Make Mental Health for all a global Priority” as the theme for this year’s World mental Health day celebrations.

In the post-Covid pandemic period, this slogan assumes much more significance. This is because no country or community was spared from the impacts of the pandemic during the period from 2020 and 2022. The transmission of this serious viral illness affected the physical health of a huge number of humans and has led to a devastating number of deaths, the impacts of the same on the mental health of populations around the globe are enormous too.

SPPD has always been attaching importance to the overall welfare of individuals and communities as a whole. We have been carrying out interventions for the economic and social empowerment of the members of the marginalized communities in our working areas. Through a variety of interventions, SPPD has been able to ensure the mental well-being of the individuals concerned in a big way.

Generally serious individual and group counseling activities form part of our major interventions of Self Help Group formations of women and child empowerment. The counseling services extended to persons living with HIV and their family members are one of the important mental health care-boosting activities of SPPD.

Similarly, SPPD has been doing its best during the intensive and crucial pandemic period and afterward towards helping the target communities. A huge number of around 1500 children were helped through the monthly distribution of nutrition food kits. This has kept the mental well-being of the children, most of whose parents were rendered jobless during the pandemic.

Similarly during the initial period of the pandemic SPPD went a long way in helping the mental well-being of the members of different communities of our target areas. The immense degree of mental anxiety and agony that the migrant laborers who were working in our target areas went through was reduced with our supply of grocery kits.

In the same way, the families of the daily wagers who suffered a terrible loss of livelihood during the pandemic were given dry food kits and direct cash transfers to cope with the same. In partnership with giving India, an online platform SPPD could extend these assistances. SPPD is committed to helping those under mental stress caused by any factors like economic and social and strives to sensitize all communities on the same.

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