Relief for family Bread Winners lost to Covid 19

Team SPPD Feb 22, 2022

The second wave of the Covid pandemic has wreaked havoc in our state of Tamil Nadu. The ravaging transmission of the virus had led to large scale loss of lives in the region. And during this time with the kind association of Give India and the sponsorship of its, donors SPPD has been able to help a good number of families that have lost their bread winners caused by Covid.
As many as 27 families from across the state of Tamil Nadu who had lost their bread winners have been given Rs. 30,000/- as part of immediate relief. Upon receiving the information about the relief amount SPPD had received a big number of applications from the families who had lost their bread winners from across the state .
Most of these deaths had occurred due to in the second wave of Covid during the period of March to May 2021. We exercised maximum care with very strict scrutiny of the documents submitted by the applicants for the relief amount. Physical verifications were carried out by our staff members about the veracity of their claims .
After this due process of scrutiny, the dependents namely the spouses, sons, daughters in some cases siblings received the relief amount of Rs. 30,000/- through direct transfers to their respective bank accounts.
All the beneficiaries the surviving members of these families who had lost their bread winners due to covid had contacted SPPD and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Give India and SPPD for this timely help. There were heartrending stories from the wives and children of those dead.
According to them the fund of Rs. 30,000/- given as relief was timely in helping them to get relief from the debts incurred due to death of the family members. Some of the beneficiaries could make use the amount to pay for the educational expenses. Above all the relief amount had given the vital time space to search for alternative livelihoods for most of the victim families.
Thus SPPD could do its best by identifying the most deserving beneficiaries of those families who had lost their bread winners. The beneficiaries wish to thank the donors of Give India for this timely help.

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