SPPD Newsletter for the month of June

Team SPPD Jun 29, 2023

       During the month of June, the activities of SPPD went on with the usual fervor and the distribution of nutritional kits to needy children formed the most important part of the same.

This month the distribution of nutritional kits sponsored by Give India was carried out in the four regions of Musiri, Tiruchirapalli of Tiruchirapalli district, and the villages belonging to Pudukottai district such as Poongudi and parts of Keeranur.

A total of children received the nutritional food kits during the month of June. And as many as 727 children belonging to Musiri, Trichy Corporation, Keeranur, and Poongudi Respectively.

It is found that the condition of most of the children of the families who were distributed the nutrition kits is extremely pathetic. In fact, many children are in bad need of other essential things such as footwear, undergarments, toiletries, etc.   This could be found during the door-to-door visits of SPPD team members and at the time of distribution of the nutritional kits.

Many of the children who received the nutritional kits come from families headed by single women. Either their father’s death or those who have abandoned their families.

In one such family belonging to the village of Muthampatti the young mother of two children whose father had died in an accident. Their mother had to shift to their native village here from Bengaluru where the family was living when the father was alive.

More tragically the father and mother of the mother of the children had also died in a span of 7 months being unable to bear the shock of the death and the suffering undergone by their daughter.

This left the family in extremely dire status and helpless. The mother earns hardly Rs. 3000 a month by taking up odd jobs in the village. While even providing one square meal to the children is extremely difficult.

In such circumstances fulfilling the nutritional needs of the children are unthinkable. And the Give India-sponsored nutritional kits fill up this gap to a good extent. And the families and the recipient children are very grateful for the nutritional kits.


Similarly, another woman headed a family at Paithamparai. The village has three girl children the age of 2, 8 and 11 respectively. The last child is a spastic child and the second girl is hearing impaired.

This second child had got a hearing aid when her father was alive and now she cannot use the same being unable to afford to frequently buy the batteries of the hearing aid.

For such families in pathetic living conditions, the nutritional kits given by Give India go a long way in greatly relieving their sufferings. And hence all the children and their family members are grateful.

And during the month of June SPPD could play a fruitful part in helping these children who were badly in need of nutrition to keep their health

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