How to survive and prosper in 2022

Team SPPD Dec 21, 2021

The year 2021 is about to wind up giving way to the new year of 2022. Of course we need to be optimistic and hope for positivity to fill the new year. At this moment, we need make ourselves aware on certain things that are likely to unfold during the upcoming year.
The world and the entire international community has to be well equipped to be fit for the digitalized world order. In a country like India the introduction of 5G technology in telecommunication and the internet is about to bring in a paradigm change in the way life is conducted belonging to the people of all sections.
The need for people to spend on adopting to the new technology like 5G would add to their economic burden as buying new gadgets and cost of data etc are going to cost very high. As the need for people of all strata of society to adopt to new digital modes is inevitable, the financial constraints faced by them especially the under privileged would be huge.
While doing so, we cannot also skip pondering over the unfortunate things that has been shaking us for the last two years and its continuance, the pandemic situation. The climate change too has been taking its toll in our region in a big way adding to the woes of the people who are already heavily burdened with the impacts of the pandemic.
The threat of the new Corona variant the Omicron is reported to be more lethal than other previous variants of Alpha Omega Beta and the Delta creating panic. Lockdowns appear imminent in our country considering the speed with which it spreads. There is a certainty that the cost of living would go up all over the globe in increasing price of all essentials right from food expenses.
In such circumstances, when we welcome the new year we have to strive and commit ourselves to face the new challenges with utmost care to keep up the safety protocols such as social distancing, wearing masks and vaccination etc without fail. Similarly all of us need to focus on helping people of all sections towards equipping themselves to be fit for new technological world order.
Wish you all a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

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