Miracle! But it`s TRUE

Team SPPD Feb 22, 2023

The first month of this year 2023 was an amazingly eventful one. In other words, the SPPD’s social media presence happened to become phenomenal during the month. That can be called nothing short of a miracle. The digital media platform of SPPD YouTube channel “ SPPD Charity” which hardly had around 350 odd subscribers until December last, could secure well over 33000 subscribers during this single month of January 2023.

This is certainly an extraordinary performance indeed. This digital media platform has taken SPPD to different communities living in as many as 40

countries around the globe. In January itself our channel registered well over 5.7 million views.

This means that the activities of SPPD have reached a huge number of people. And roughly about 57 lakh people belonging to various countries of different continents have watched the activities of SPPD through its various videos. This is a stupendous thing because of the knowledge about the various interventions of SPPD that were carried out during the span of well over 25 years. Since the year 1995, the existence of SPPD could have reached a total of hardly 50000 people.

Apart as for as the other interventions are concerned the “No Hungry Child” project being carried out has been widely acclaimed and thanked by the recipient children here. Many have been receiving nutritional food kits every month. 

To get feedback on the impacts of the Give India-sponsored No Hungry Child project series of meetings were arranged with the parents of the children who have been the recipients of the nutritional kits.A total of around 200 parents have given their feedback on the same. It has been very encouraging indeed a vast majority of the parents have said that the nutritional kits have gone a long way in improving the general health condition of their kids.

The various ingredients of the nutritional kit are liked very much by the children. While the children relish the delicious recipes prepared in their homes by making use of the ingredients like lentils, black gram, cowpea, horse gram, etc, the date fruits and the nutritional mix are a big hit among the children. They love these items very much.

Apart from the health point of view, the nutritional kits of Give India have greatly benefited the scores of single mothers. Several widows abandoned women and those belonging to families in which the men happen to be alcoholics who do not contribute to the welfare of the families, feeling being helped in ensuring nutritious food for their kids. One of the mothers of the village said that her son has been receiving the kit for nearly two years and that has brought about an enormous transformation in her son’s health. She said from being a fragile-bodied boy her son has grown to be a healthy kabbadi player and ultimately has got admission to the sports hostel run by the government in the district of Tiruchirappalli. 

According to her but for the continuous consumption of the nutritious items of the kit that he received every month her son would not have been able to become such a sports person.

Similarly the parents of the children who have received the stationery kits which is another Give India-sponsored intervention also expressed gratitude and said that many more children need the same in the region. Thus the month of January 23rd has proved to be a very fruitful one in the annals of SPPD. For all these interventions the SPPD team thanks Give India, the individual donors, and all those who support the digital media initiatives as being the subscribers and well-wishers.

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