Team SPPD Oct 16, 2021

It has been a long journey indeed and 26 long years have passed by. It is unbelievable SPPD has travelled this far involving in various activities towards the cause of the resource poor, the marginalized and oppressed sections of the target populations belonging to various districts of the state of Tamil Nadu. Around 100000 families and individuals have got directly benefited from of our interventions all these years since 1995.

This incredible journey has been made possible only by a number of donors and well wishers of SPPD. I thought of expressing our gratitude to them all through this message. At the out set I wish to thank Mr. Andrew Mclroy who has been a pillar of strength to us all through and fits to be called as our God Father. His family and circle of well wishing friends deserve our thanks too. 

Similarly there were big hearted associated who had supported us in the very beginning such as our loving friends Mr. William Buchanan of USA, Mr. Antony David of Wales, Mr. Earnest of Denmark and Mr. Simon Howard. The Irish embassy of India played crucial role in our development as well.Like these kind supporters from overseas there were many other local friends and well wishers who helped SPPD grow continuously.        

Mr.Marathamizhan who was instrumental in the registration of our organization an official entity need special mention for thanks. Similarly friends like Mr. Saravanan, Mr. Senthilnathan and Mr. Pandmanaban to mention a few.

Apart from the individuals many organizations have been proving to be vital contributors in the development of SPPD both in the past and present. IGSSS, AMIEF and GIVE2ASIA. The bankers such as the Indian Overseas Bank other banks and many other agencies have played important roles as associates in our interventions over the years.

We thank Our current partners the online platforms of Give India,Your Cause and Global Giving. We thank also Former student`s of IIT, NIT. In particular the partnership with Give India during these Covid pandemic crisis has been monumental. Another important role was played by many NGOs who associated with our activities in a variety of ways. 

I thank them all.I take this opportunity to thank my family members too like my parents and my wife who used to take care of the guests like the donors and officials from abroad and India with their hospitality during their visits to our campus. 

The board members of SPPD the staff members all deserve thanks at this juncture. Above all I thank the Almighty God Who has made it all happen.
Thanking you all from the bottom of my heart.

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