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Society for Poor People Development came in to being in the year 1993, with the aim to minimize the high number of drop out children from the rural schools. Literally the helpless school going children in our villages used to be always traumatised on hearing the very word “School”. Corporal punishments were widespread both at schools and at homes.
Especially the treatment meted out to the little children was inhuman, the children used to be thrashed for not scoring marks etc. With their parents being either illiterates or semi illiterate they could in no way help their children in their studies nor they could afford the off the school tuitions, in the poverty stricken conditions.
SPPD was founded by a few enthusiastic youth who were fortunate to do their college studies those days from the area. Evening study centres were started to help the children in the home work. Their zeal to bring about change in the system has been yielding tremendous results in a variety in a way and has brought about drastic change . The organization was formally registered in the year 1995.
The year 1997 was one of the watershed years for SPPD as Mr. Andrew McElroy from Ireland became a part of our organization and started helping us as adviser and mobilized support for our interventions in a variety of ways. Followed by this, with our experience upon finding the enormous hardships being faced by women, and other vulnerable and most needy sections of the rural society and the urban slums in particular, we have expanded our activities to help them.

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