Empowerment of Women

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Empowerment of Women

  • Sensitization on assertion of rights of Women
  • Capacity Building through various essential skill training measures.
  • Financial Inclusion through facilitation of credit linking with bank and other financial Institutions.

The women in general and the rural women in particular are traditionally deprived of their rights. While they bear almost the entire responsibility of the family, With alcoholism and irresponsible behaviour pattern that are prevailing among the men the condition of women worsen further.

Our interventions goes a long way in making the women to shape their own adolescent girls towards facing future with confidence. One of SPPD’s main objectives is to relieve the rural women from the clutches of money lenders. The following are SPPD’s major areas of focus to achieve the empowerment of women.

Organization of women into Self Help Groups (SHGs)

So far as many as.52000 women are registered as members and formed in to around 4100 SHGs. Each Group has 12 – 20 members, each of whom contributes Rs.100– Rs.200 per month to the Group's savings account. They meet twice a month and are visited by a coordinator monthly. Training is imparted on micro level financial management, their existing income generation activities and micro entrepreneurial skills. The isssues like hygiene, health, STI prevention and treatment, nutrition, domestic violence, and economic independence are discussed and provision of legal aid when necessary.

Promotion of savings, micro credits, insurance plans and micro enterprises

To help women gain financial independence. We facilitate the women by credit linkages with banks and financial institutions mainly for agriculture and allied activities to strengthen rural economy.

Training in vocational and entrepreneurial skills, loan management and micro enterprise

These skills further allow women to become economically independent.

Initiation of Inter-SHG Federation Activities

To make our SHGs more effective and to enhance social and economic independence, women from different villages come together to share their knowledge and experience

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