Chennai and Kanyakumari floods Climate change wreaks havoc 2020-2021

Team SPPD Nov 25, 2021

Chennai and Kanyakumari floods Climate change wreaks havoc.

The Climate change has been turning the world upside down. Here down south of India especially Chennai the capital city of Tamil Nadu state has again  been reeling under the fury of very heavy rains for nearly two weeks now. The south west monsoon itself had filled a number of water bodies like lakes and ponds of various regions of the state including Tamil Nadu.

And now the North East monsoon which is the traditional major source of rains for most part of the state has started devastating the Chennai city and its neighboring districts. The floods have become very frequent unlike in the past.Ironically apart from Chennai and its neighboring districts the region of Kanyakumari located in the southern  most tip of  the state also suffered unprecedented severe devastation.

While many poor and lower middle class neighborhoods have got completely submerged in flood waters the middle class localities too were battered with flood waters. The these families have lost their house hold articles and gadgets like vessels, utensils  tv sets, furniture etc.  The livelihood loss has been very heavy as most of these families belong to the sections of daily wagers, hawkers etc.

Apart from the loss properties and meager material  possessions of the resource poor communities both in the urban and rural areas of the region other kind of impacts are extremely damaging as well. The livestock such as cattle, goats and poultry etc have been lost both due flood waters and the health hazards like breakout of epidemics have been taking a heavy toll of the lives of the marginalized communities here.


The climate change and global warming  triggered erratic occurrence of monsoon rains and its frequent  failure  are  attributed to these unpredictable heavy rain falls and droughts. During the last few decades water bodies like lakes and the water carriers like canals have all been indiscriminately   encroached upon by none other than we humans. The reported average in the normal temperature of 2 degrees Celsius in the region is big worrying factor being situated near the coast the region the region has become much more vulnerable.

It is time and all of us need to unite to act at once to start towards addressing this extremely dangerous phenomenon of Climate Change and global warming with remedial measures with war footing. Environment conservation activities such as planting of trees and retrieval of eco bodies such as lakes and ponds should become our focus in the coming days to mitigate the severity of the impacts of Climate change.

We need to change the Climate Change

Let us come together to save the world.


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