Climate Change Code Red for Humanity

Team SPPD Jan 20, 2022

While the last two years have witnessed the unprecedented health disaster in the form of Covid pandemic to have occurred in more than a century, the U N O has rung the warning bell on Climate Change.
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued this alert on the threat being faced by the world. The alert says that with the level of emission of the CO2 has been touching alarming levels and the rise of the sea level by 2030 it would prove catastrophic.
Human induce climate change has been reaching unprecedented levels. Along with Co2 other green house gases would lead to irreversible damages to the global climate. The UN Secretary General has called this working group’s report as nothing less the a “ Code Red for Humanity”.
The report prepared by 234 scientists from 66 countries across the globe that the human influence has warmed the global temperate in an unprecedented manner in the last 2000 years. The report further says that the concentrations of methane and nitrous gases have been higher now than in the last 800000 years. The rise in global temperature in recent decades has been so phenomenal . This rise in global heat has led to melting of the massive glaciers and ultimately the sea level has been rising alarmingly.
The report also says emission of green house gases from human activities are responsible for a rise of 1.1 degree Celsius in global temperature. And it is estimated that the climate change caused rise in temperature induced by humans would reach the dangerous level of 1.5 degrees. This would lead to the many small islands and the coastal flooding and erosions are being already experienced by many countries in the world.
Severe flooding have been occurring in the countries located in the western hemisphere such as the European nations in an unprecedented way. U.K Germany, the USA coastal states have all been badly affected by severe floods in recent decades.
The wild fires both man made and natural also contribute massively to the global warming. Many of those blazing fires that ravaged the forests of Brazil and Australia in the last few years have left huge carbon footprint. In countries like India the climate change has been wreaking havoc in the form of frequent flooding and alternating of drought and floods. Such erratic occurrence of natural disasters are caused by the climate change . In south India the Chennai city and Kerala state have been repeatedly hit by this climate change induced frequent floods.
The man made carbon footprint could be reduced and the UNO asks all countries of the world to immediately take to methods reversing the trend. The methods like switching to green energy from the fossil fuel driver transportation, avoidance of one time use of plastics, huge consumption of meat, dairy products and aggressive green cover measures etc would lead to fall of Co2 levels to a great extent.
According to these experts such fast paced remedial measures practiced by the governments and the humankind can prevent the dangerous threshold of 1.5 degree rise in global temperatures and the catastrophic damages to lives and natural resources of the world. Such strategies and sustained efforts should be time bound and would be possible prevent the Co2 rise by the year 2030.
On our part we need to generate awareness about the impending climate change disaster among all sections of the society including children on massive scale so that the governments would be able to reach the ultimate goal in reversing the climate change caused pollutions and disasters.

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