India’s 75 years of Independence

Team SPPD Aug 13, 2022

We all know that the 15th August of every year would be an occasion for rejoicing and celebration. And this year 2022 is so special, as it is 75th year since India securing independence from the colonial regime. Our nation has been achieving one mile stone after the other during the period of every 25 years. While the first 25 years saw India getting established as an independent nation since 1947 and at the golden jubilee year of 1997
the country had already evolved in to a nation that was self reliant in almost all the essential needs. In recent years, the “ Make in India” has become a yet another motivating slogan towards total self reliance. And at this 75th anniversary, it has emerged as a country
that drives itself towards a well equipped nation state and vows to make all its citizens economically and socially well developed.
In this scenario SPPD has been involved itself in a variety of activities towards the empowerment of the marginalized and other resource poor communities of the region with more vigor. In this 75th year of independence SPPD has vowed to reverse all the ill impacts of the Covid pandemic that wreaked havoc in the lives of rural communities especially among children in the villages here. Many children have been getting benefited by the intervention of Nutrition food kit sponsored by Give India. They have all returned to schools and they would be able to celebrate this 75th independence day unlike the two previous independence day anniversaries that had to be spent indoors due to the pandemic. Similarly the youngsters who found it hard to pursue the vocational skill courses with high career prospects in the region due to pandemic earlier, again have been able to undergo the same with the assistance of SPPD. Therefore the pandemic induced deep despair that filled independence days during the two previous years 2020 and 21 has given way to a mood of celebration. Now the team members of SPPD brace themselves to observe the occasion of the 75th anniversary of India with joy and hope. We also wish all the community members all our country men and women across the nation the same on this occasion of rejoicing.
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