It will be 4 working days a week hereafter in India!

Team SPPD Jan 04, 2022

Come the new year 2022 the working days per week is going to be changed in India. Such 4 working days a week system has been in vogue already in a few countries such as Newzealand, Iceland and Canada. New acts and legislations in this connection have all been drawn already. This new acts will be presented in the parliament of India and approved early next year to be implemented soon after.
In India the government employees, staff of quasi government companies, workers of big factories and companies belonging to various sectors such as manufacturing and service industries form the organized force.
And all the rest work in the Unorganized workforce, the daily wagers, workers in small shops and offices in many sectors like the construction, farm workers and many more belong to this category. The ratio of organized and unorganized workforce in India is roughly about 19% and 81% respectively.
As per the proposed new law the employees working in the organized workforce and the government employees will have to work for 4 days a week instead of the current system of 5 working days a week.
That means that there will be 3 days of weekends from Friday to Sunday instead of the existing system of two days weekend of Saturday and Sunday. To effect the same, many acts associated with job security, leave and wages etc such as the Minimum Wages Act, The Workmen Compensation Act, etc will be replaced with new acts.
In all probabilities there could be both pros and cons from the view point of the employees and for whom they work for, be it the government and the private players. The wages, salaries and other worker benefits and incentives such as Provident Fund, Bonus and Gratuity will all undergo drastic changes as per the new laws.
Working hours could be raised from 8 to 12 hours a day and the quality time the employees would be able to spend for their personal needs would increase on week ends and so on.
The impact of this 4 day working day on the unorganized workforce and its applicability for Work From Home persons will have to be seen once, the new laws are passed in the year 2022. In any case the implementation of the 4 day week system is surely on the cards. These new laws will revolutionize the labor environment in India.
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