Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Team SPPD Dec 22, 2022

Christmas has arrived again to bring us a joyful season after a few years. The global community has already got in to  its regular routine.

Let us celebrate this Christmas with its traditional fervor  while ensuring the spirit of which to also radiate among all our neighbors. SPPD wishes you all Merry Xmas and a Happy and prosperous New year!

This festive season especially the arrival of the  New Year 2023 makes us to forget the recent panicky pandemic filled years. Yes the New Year begins with hope. But along with the positive hope some negative predictions in the offing also is a worrying factor.

Financial Recession and its impacts such as the unprecedented inflationary trends with skyrocketing prices of various essential commodities are predicted to be looming large. This is certainly threatening indeed for the international community as a whole.

The trail of Covid pandemic and the continuing war between Russia and Ukraine only appear to strengthen such sense of despair. But we are sure  that hope would outweigh the negative factors. On this occasion we need to thank all the stake holders   who have associated with SPPD in every endeavor. We thank the organizations like Give India and the individual donors who have helped us carry out the interventions.

On this occasion we need to mention about one of the flagship programs of SPPD carried out during this current year that is about to wind up soon. The No Hungry Child project implemented with the partnership of Give India and the Stationary kit distribution for the needy children deserve special mention.

 These projects have gone a long way in bringing about immense changes in the physical and mental well being of the deprived children of the working villages of SPPD.

The distribution of nutrition food kits to around 1500 children belonging to the villages of Trichirapalli and Pudukottai has also helped in preventing  social evils.

The program proved to be vital tool in checking the threat of child labor and child marriages of girl children in the region to a great extent during the pandemic amid huge loss of livelihood of daily wage earners.

SPPD’s initiatives in the field of Climate Change and Environment Conservation too gained momentum during the current year. Under CSR we have been carrying out an pilot project on Green house gases like methane in the paddy fields.

While thanking again all our partners l for associating with us in the community development activities in the outgoing year 2022, we also thank  the beneficiaries the children and the adults alike, we wish all a very Happy, Productive and Prosperous New Year 2023!



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