Multiple incarnations of Corona and the weapon of Vaccine

Team SPPD Dec 01, 2021

Within a span of two years the world has been turned upside down. Even as the world is grappling with the impacts of the deadly breakouts of the corona virus in the forms of Corona’s deadlier variants are being reported. Followed by covid19  came the deadly variant of delta. Of course the vaccination has been invented in various countries giving a great relief.

Vaccine has brought big relief to the people in general  but the volume of number of vaccinated persons varies widely from country to country. The poor countries of the south such as the African nations the population covered with vaccination is very poor. Even in countries like India not all people have been covered leaving a good chunk of persons remaining not being vaccinated.

 The WHO (World Health Organization) has asked international communities to be much more cautious in the coming days about the transmission of   this deadly OMICRON Variant. It is reported that the OMICRON Variant roughly has undergone about 30 mutations making it a mind boggling thing even for the scientific community the world over.

Another aggressive wave of transmission has been wreaking havoc in many countries like Germany etc forcing them to declare lock downs. Now a new variant of the virus called Omicron has been found to be spreading in parts of the world.

This new variant of Omicron  is found to be extremely more potent than the other variants found so far, sending shivers down the spine to the international community. First it was detected in South Africa soon prompting many nations to suspend travel to and from that country. Soon after this  in countries like Israel, Belgium etc. It has also entered India with Delhi and Mumbai reporting cases from the travelers from abroad.

This  pandemic has also brought to light is the stark reality of Vaccine Inequity and Social vaccination is another term that is also widely discussed now. Such terms only bring out the importance of vaccination against this deadly virus.

Though vaccination cannot prevent contracting the virus it can certainly greatly reduce the grave impacts of the same, more in particular the loss of life. And hence let us all make it a point to contribute towards vaccinating our own selves and strive to help others to get vaccinated as early as possible.

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