News Letter for the month of February 2022

Team SPPD Mar 11, 2022

The month of February had ended amid this covid pandemic period with some relaxations in the regular activities. The loss of livelihood under employment have all been adding to the woes of the resource poor communities our region.
In such circumstances the nutritional kits being received by the children has been going a long way in fulfilling the physical and mental well being of the children in our villages. As many as 1350 received the Give India
Children like the simply made tasty recipes made with the ingredients of the nutritional kits. According to the parents and children the contents of the nutritional kits such as the nutritional mix, date fruits lentils and peas while proving to be panacea for their health.
These are relished by the children in a big way who normally hate consuming the greens in the conventional way. The date fruits are crushed and mixed with milk and lentils cooked along with greens as recipes. Some of the families of our villages, the nutritional kits have proved to be God sent in their trying times.
One Ms. Sathya aged 37 years of Musiri Near Village has two children the elder boy studying 5th and the younger boy in 1st grade. Her husband Sekhar aged 42 had passed away in December last year in tragic circumstances. He was an alcoholic and suffering from heart ailment had died after being in hospitalization.
After this tragic demise of her husband Sathyam says she has been able to maintain the food needs of her children only with the nutritional food kits that her children received for the last two months. And hence she expresses her gratitude to Give India and SPPD for this big help during the extremely testing times of their family.
SPPD also wishes to thank all the donors of Give India for the timely help in the form of nutritional kits to the children of our villages when they badly are in need of the same.

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