Support Chennai Flood

Team SPPD Nov 11, 2021

The state of Tamil Nadu has been experiencing heavy rains, specially the Chennai city and other coastal areas have been recording heavy rains filling up the water bodies such as lakes all over. The unprecedented rains have inundated the low lying areas in the city of Chennai.
All most all places have gone without electricity for the Second successive day. The livelihood of the poor sections that was hit worst due to covid pandemic had begun to revive only in the last two months and it is getting worst now.
This has left the people in extreme distress and the daily wagers and families of street vendors have been left necessities. The families have lost the their meager possessions such as beds, cots etc and have been moved to rescue centres.
 Though food is provided in camps, those with specific health needs children and senior citizens in particular suffer the most andcovid protocols are not followed either. All most all places have gone without electricity for the Second successive day.. The sanitary conditions in the rescue camps are deplorable.
Required interventions
And hence the people affected by the floods need to be extended immediate relief by way of blanket, mats and toiletries such as soap, tooth paste, towels etc and dry food items like Milk, biscuits, dry bread, rusks etc.
As most are from marginalized sections they would not be able to earn at once. And hence two kinds of relief materials need to be given one for immediate essential needs and other for the days of least for a minimum period of ten days.
 So two sets of relief kits one consisting of immediate relief materials and the other consisting of dry food rations like rice, oil, pulses etc.
Those who are willing could extend a helping hand to mitigate the sufferings of the people .
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