Wish you all Happy Republic Day!

Team SPPD Jan 26, 2023

India has come off age! On the 26th of January 2023 India celebrates its 74th Republic day. This day marks the completion of 73 years of India functioning as democratic republic since the year 1950.    

We are all aware that India has been growing tremendously during the last few decades. Since the beginning of the era of globalization and liberalization our nation the momentum gains grounds and it is vindicated through various developmental achievements.

India now is the 5th largest economy in the world and is predicted to outgrow many top ranking economic powers of the world by the year 2030. Being the largest functional democracy in the world India proudly celebrates its 74th Republic day.

For SPPD the brilliant growth of Indian economy has thrown new opportunities towards strengthening and expanding our activities in providing qualitative educational assistance and physical and mental development of children here.

The native donors from India themselves have started to extend a helping hand for developmental initiatives. This is a good sign.

In these circumstances we too feel extremely happy to be part of this celebration of Republic Day on the 26th January.

And we wish you all Happy Republic Day!

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