Disaster in Turkey and Syria and the duty of Humanity

Team SPPD Mar 01, 2023

The natural disaster of earthquake that has shaken the nations of Turkey and Syria has left a trail of destruction that is unprecedented in almost two decades that the world has witnessed. The scale of the loss of human lives and damage done to the properties and especially the dwelling places of the people is astoundingly huge. As of now the official reports on the toll of the human casualties state the number of deaths to be around 60000. But it is feared that the actual death toll could be very high reaching as many as 100000. Along with humans the loss of other forms of life such as animals both pet animals as well as animal raised for livelihood have perished in huge volumes.

The whole of humanity has been extending a helping hand in the rescue operations. Rescue teams from across the world reached Turkey and have been working under extremely difficult and dangerous conditions to take out the survivors from the rubbles remain as stark reminders of the sky high residential buildings and other establishments. Apart from the loss of lives and damage to very huge number of buildings and infrastructures the short and long term economic impacts and fall outs of this disaster will prove to be very huge for Turkey and Syria.

We as being part of the pan world society every one of us are duty bound to extend a helping hand to the victims of such natural disasters occurring in other parts of the world too. We should express our solidarity with the victims and do what ever help that we can. In this circumstances we also need to ponder over certain other things and act accordingly. Though the disasters such as this earthquake, cyclones, floods, Tsunami, landslides etc are natural phenomena, many disasters that the humanity has been facing in recent times and decades happen to be man made. 

The Climate Change triggered natural calamities like rise of sea water levels and long drawn drought conditions in all parts across the world are in many ways are man made. The recurrent drought being faced in European countries like UK, Germany Spain etc in recent years is a pointer to the above mentioned fact.   

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