Let us welcome the New Year 2023 with caution!

Team SPPD Jan 07, 2023

The whole world is preparing to welcome the New Year 2023. The people across all nations are bracing themselves to celebrate the birth of the new  year.

For nearly a year there was a break from the pandemic horrors and protocols that were to be followed as done in the previous two years. But now again the news from China the country  where the Corona virus originated is really worrying and frightening indeed.

After the withdrawal of  Covid restrictions, a very big surge of viral infections are reported in China. As many as 248 million people were infected in the first 20 days of the month of December itself this year. The BF.7 a new variant of the previous Omicron variant is responsible for the new surge.

All the other countries have become alert as travellers from China have already carried the infection to their destinations including India. Restrictions have been announced to curb New Year celebrations to avoid crowding.

Hospitals are being prepared to face any event of bad situation of viral infection in India. No country can bear the economic fallouts of lockdowns. Hence people have to be extremely cautious by adhering to the protective measures like wearing masks, social distancing and frequent washing of hands etc very strictly as we were doing earlier.

Only such strict following of Covid protocols can prevent any adverse situations of infections, deaths and the ultimate economic collapse. So while welcoming the New Year2023 with hope, let us all be cautious continue to   adhering to Covid protocols.

Wish You all A Happy and Safe New Year!




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