News Letter Augest to October 2021

Team SPPD Nov 17, 2021

SPPD involved in several activities during the last three months period from August to October 2021.  Covid19 pandemic has been leaving devastating impacts on all sections of the society here and has badly affected the livelihood of the marginalized communities in a big way.

Children have been missing their schools for almost the last two years and SPPD has been helping them in association with Give India. Apart from depriving the children the free mid day meals the long closure of schools due to the pandemic has also would have left a damaging impact on their health. In order to mitigate the same the three months kits comprising of dry food rations

The kits consisting  of  nutritious food items such as rice, wheat flour, oil, pulses, nutritious mix, etc   have been provided to 1500 children belonging to the villages here every month. This apart as many as 750 families of daily wagers who have lost their livelihood in pandemic were provided with kits of dry food rations.

This program named “ Hungry Child” has in fact ensured  the children to become happy and has gone a long way in keeping the children both physically and psychologically strong. Similarly this has given them a sense of confidence and courage in these times of economic distress in their families.

This apart  now during the fag end of October we had been involved in the flood relief activities in Chennai city and its suburbs as well as Trichy.

To sum up SPPD during this period of three months has been able to keep members of the marginalized sections here not to lose hope by mitigating   the economic impacts of the Covid pandemic and the flood disaster


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