Preparedness for Tsunami and other natural disasters

Team SPPD Nov 10, 2022

November 5th is observed as Tsunami day. Come December every year, amid joy and festivities such as Christmas celebrations are the memory of the devastating Tsunami disaster also haunts humanity. The fateful day in the year2004 took away thousands of lives belonging to the countries of south Asia such as India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka still remain as stark the remainder of the impacts of natural disasters.

This shocking natural disaster made humanity rethink on the planning and preparation to face the disasters of various nature by communities around the globe in a big way. On the one hand scientific natural Tsunami alert systems were newly designed and installed in those countries that lie in vulnerable geographical locations. While observing Tsunami day this year we need to contemplate not only Tsunami but various other natural disasters many of which are also made.

Especially Climate Change triggered disasters such as massive floods and severe droughts have been wreaking havoc in recent across the world. The frequent floods witnessed in the coastal regions of various countries and the rising water levels of the oceans of the world are attributed to enormous amounts of carbon released into the atmosphere. Most of which are caused by human activity. No region in the globe is spared by Climate Change caused disasters.

The unprecedented extremely hot summers and frequent severe droughts swept European nations like U K France Germany and Spain etc. this year has brought to the fore the serious impacts of Climate Change-induced disasters. Along with the development of early warning systems preparing the vulnerable communities to face the disasters have become the focal point in recent times in facing natural disasters.

And SPPD has been into various interventions related to disasters like rescue, relief, and rehabilitation and community preparedness activities. SPPD actively worked among the victims of the Chennai floods that devastated the city in 2015 and later during the cyclone “Kajah” that plundered the delta region of the state fo Tamil Nadu.

Among those interventions, the disaster preparedness activities carried out ……………. among the communities belonging to the low-lying slum localities went a long way in sensitizing and preparing them to an enormous extent. And on this November 5th while observing the Tsunami day SPPD we pay homage to all those who have lost their lives to Tsunami and other natural disasters and owe to continue our work to sensitize the vulnerable communities.

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