SPPD News Letter for the month of November

Team SPPD Dec 16, 2022

The Hungry Child project was implemented with full fervor during the month of November. As many as 1500 children were provided with the nutrition kit during the month. This Give India sponsored program was again one of the most important activities of the month.This program has been offering the much needed relief to the children of the families of persons belonging to the unorganized sector post covid. The huge hike in cost of living in the recent months has been heavily adding to the burden of the communities here.

In the field visits our team members have been coming across the struggles of many families. In one of the cases the family belonging to Santhampalayam village of Musiri block. The family is headed by a widow who had lost her 45 year old husband a few months back. She has an inborn physical disability with a deformed and stunted right hand caused by some kind of muscle atrophy. And she struggles extremely hard to maintain her two children a boy and a girl studying ………. grade and ……… grade respectively. Her earning is so meager of only rupees five thousand. As the rent of the house itself costs Rs. 1800/ and managing other expense is totally impossible for her.

The house had only zero watts bulb for lighting. Doing the home work for the kids in such poor lighting was very difficult. And SPPD had fitted a tube light to help them. The boy had requested for a mobile phone to help him to use in his doing his home work. But we could not oblige. Similarly yet another migrant labor family at the village of ………….. the parents of the two children are away at Chennai city employed as casual laborers in road laying work. Annamalai the boy who is studying 10th grade of the family has to walk a long distance to the school every day.

The time consuming walking to the school deprives him the precious time for studies as he is preparing for High School final board exams. He is in need of a bicycle but whose parents can not afford the same. The father of Annamalai is hearing and speech impaired. He is sends meager remittance for the maintenance of the family of the two children, their aged grant parents and an aunt. Annamalai had only one set of school uniform and we have provided another set of uniform clothes. There are many such families who struggle harder to make their ends meet due to Covid pandemic impacts.

The distribution of stationary materials too took place this month. This apart, as part of Climate Change based intervention SPPD has got involved in a model project on reduction greenhouse gasses that cause global warming.
The crop of rice is one of the important causes for methane gas emission in huge volumes causing global warming . The heavy water stagnation in paddy fields along with chemical fertilizers cause the heavy methane gas emissions in rice fields. Hence we carry out this project in a paddy field situated at ………… the village.
This model project is implemented as part of our CSR assisted program in association with the company of ……….

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