Testimony to our towering Patron

Team SPPD Jul 12, 2023

Andrew McElroy! Your very name instills joy and hope in all of us here at SPPD. But for you, the community Center here could not have come into existence at all. And this very institution would not have reached these heights but for your inevitable presence either.

You have been with us all through thick and thin. And you would be there whenever there is any big or urgent need for us. Memories turn nostalgic bringing in the thoughts of your unparalleled initiatives that ensured the building of the Community Center.

Words fail us to express the hectic lobbying you were involved in to convince the Irish Embassy and the External Affairs Ministry of Ireland. The utmost necessity of establishing a Center of this kind for the benefit of the poor and the needy in this part of the globe was effective.

You made something unprecedented happen more than 20 years ago. You were instrumental in bringing two high-profile dignitaries, the Ambassadors of the Irish Embassy in India to visit the unknown tiny village of Soriampatti located in this part of India. You have also helped to bring in many more of your friends to extend their contributions to the projects of SPPD.

You have spent almost two long decades of your precious life towards bringing about changes among the needy communities in the deep rural pockets here. And all the communities who have been the beneficiaries of your yeomen contributions are grateful and will remain so always. 

We wish you Mr. Andrew the towering patron of SPPD a very long and healthy life and also wish his family and kin fruitful lives! 

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