Women’s Day celebration

Team SPPD Mar 08, 2022

Every year 8th of March is celebrated as the Women’s Day throughout the world. Formerly, only a few professions such as teaching, nursing etc which require enormous amount of patience were the exclusive preserve of the women.
But the recent decades witness amazing development in the lives of women. The women from all walks of life have been scaling heights in various spheres of life throughout the globe. They have been proving their mettle in all of them. It is also well known that the upbringing of children with the good moral values and education all, depend on the role played the women of the families the mothers.
This kind of brilliant change in the lives of women appeared to be happening largely among the urban women. And in order to fill in this gap and to help the women from the rural areas several initiatives are being carried out by both the state and central governments in India in recent years.
The women empowerment programs aimed at the socio- economic development of the women from the villages have brought about good changes too in recent years. Mainly the Women Self Help Group formation and the financial linkages facilitated for them for various livelihood based income generation activities have been going a long way in improving the lot of women from the villages.
While discussing about the vital role of women in the process of well being and development of the society, we need to ponder over the various initiatives that SPPD has been involved in towards achieving this end of empowerment of women in the villages belonging to various districts of the state of Tamil Nadu.
SPPD has facilitated in the formation Self Help Groups (SHGs) in both the villages and semi urban belts of the working areas. Apart from this hundreds of women from our villages have been able to secure financial linkages with financial institutions for different types of income generation initiatives with our facilitation.
 As women and child empowerment of Children are inseparable, SPPD has also has been playing crucial role in improving the educational standards of children and equipping them in the appropriate life skills. Yes the Covid pandemic has badly interrupted in such developmental activities. But we are sure the reopening of economic activities in the recent months should give more impetus to compensate for the stagnation suffered by women in general and those from the rural areas in particular.
With these thoughts and hopes in mind we extend our warm greetings to all women on the occasion Women’s Day that falls on the day of March 2022.

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