International Disaster Risk Reduction Day !

Team SPPD Oct 18, 2022

International Disaster risk reduction day is celebrated every year on the 13th of October. This observance came into practice when the UNO declared the same in the year 1989.

We are aware that there are different types of disasters such as natural disasters and man-made ones. Natural disasters include floods and Cyclone, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Health disasters, Wildfires and Volcano eruptions etc. And man-made disasters like wars, nuclear disasters, etc.

And even biological ware are man-made results in phenomenal loss of human lives. And in the last few decades lot of efforts and initiatives have been taken towards minimizing the loss of human lives and possessions and belongings of the victims that carry economic value. Sensitizing the sections of the communities that are vulnerable to natural disasters and early warning systems on disasters have been gaining the ground in a big way.

And this year the theme has been given as follows “ Substantially increase the availability of and access to multi hazard early warning systems and disaster risk information and assessments to people by 2030.

“SPPD has been working among the victims of natural disasters since 2015. The people affected by the major floods that devastated the capital city of Tamil Nadu state in 2015 were extended the immediate relief and rehabilitation assistance.

Followed by this disaster carried interventions and conducted a series of sensitization programs on disaster preparedness. Close to 10000 families belonging to the low-lying areas of Chennai city and its suburbs mostly the slum dwellers benefited from the same. This training on Life-saving and property-saving methods were imparted to the local communities.

Similarly, during the last two years since the breakout of the Covid pandemic in 2020 SPPD has been carrying out several interventions to mitigate the suffering of local communities and migrant laborers.

Well over 1500 children are being given nutrition food kits every month during the pandemic period. This has gone a long way in ensuring the physical and mental health of the rural children here.

Similarly the families of daily wage earners and migrant laborers underwent enormous hardship due to the loss of livelihood caused by the pandemic. And SPPD helped them by providing dry food kits and direct cash transfers to mitigate their hardships. In the initial months after the outbreak of the Covid pandemic the members of the homeless community in the cities of Tiruchirappalli and Chennai were distributed food packets.

Thus SPPD has been contributing to the reduction and mitigation of the risks faced by victims and vulnerable communities in a big way. And SPPD strives to sensitize the communities more and more to make use of the mechanisms developed to reduce the risk of disasters as envisaged by the theme of this year’s International Disaster Risk Reduction Day.

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