SPPD Newsletter for January 2023

Team SPPD Mar 23, 2023

The activities of SPPD went on with full swing during the month of January 2023.  Give India sponsored nutritional food kits were distributed to the children belonging to the villages forming part of Musiri block, parts of Tiruchirappalli city corporation and villages of Keeranur block, Perungudi village of Pudukkottai district.

As many as 1150 nutritional kits were distributed to the children belonging to the villages of Musiri block of Tiruchirappalli district and villages of the Keeranur block and the Tiruchirappalli corporation limits respectively.

Apart from Give India there were two individual donors who had extended a helping hand by contributing to the interventions of SPPD during the month.  One of them contributed Rs 3000 and the other Rs 1000 respectively.

During the follow up process upon nutrition kits distribution, SPPD team members visited the households of the recipient children in all the target villages. These visits brought to light several things.

In these visits one of the major things observed by our team members was the poor lighting in many of the households. Zero watts bulbs are used mostly. This is due to the habitual use of bulbs with minimum power like zero watts and the high cost involved in purchasing the led bulbs etc.  And this kind of practice has led to eye problems and other health issues such as headaches for the kids who have to do their home tasks given at their schools.

This apart, in quite a number of families the senior citizens mostly the grandparents being part of the families struggle a lot in the evening of their lives. After having put in all they could to their wards during their productive years their physical and psychological conditions in very poor state.

Some support towards fulfilling their physical and psychological needs would go a long way in improving their conditions. Similarly, the patients mainly the senior citizens who frequent the Primary Health Care centres in the villages here always have to wait for hours during the morning time without having any food intake.

Such long waiting in the clinics for treatment further decrease health conditions and sometimes lead aggravation of the disorders. And a minimal intervention such as making available nutritionally enriched herbal soups like porridge to the waiting poor patients at the health centres every morning would help mitigate their sufferings to an extent.

This kind of observations were made by the team members during their visits to the homes of the children receiving the nutritional food kits.  During the home visits the family members expressed their gratitude to Give India, the individual donors and SPPD for the help.



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