SPPD Newsletter for December 2022

Team SPPD Jan 21, 2023

We are extremely happy to meet you all through this newsletter for the last month of the passing year. The year 2022 has just ended and the month of December, apart from the regular activities made us ponder over and contemplate on many aspects that impact the communities across the globe and in particular those belonging to our working areas.

One of our major activities, the distribution of the nutritional kits to the children went on smoothly, benefiting as many Children during the month of December. We thank Give India for enabling this intervention to be carried out with financial support.

Providing stationary materials to the needy children was yet another activity that was carried out during the month. This intervention too was implemented with the sponsorship of Give India. A total of 100 Children received the kits of stationary material.

These two interventions go a long way in helping the children of the families who are badly hit by the livelihood loss caused by the Covid pandemic. Apart from Give India some individual donors also have been supportive to our activities. We also thank them on behalf of the target communities.  In recent times we have been making use of the social media to take this benevolent help of Give India to a large number of people across the globe.

 We come across a big number of single women headed families in our villages. Apart from abandoned women, the huge presence of alcoholism among men here takes a heavy toll of the welfare of families and children. The condition of children living in deprived conditions like of being forced to use a single set of school uniform and doing their homework in poorly lit houses. Malnutrition also is highly prevalent among children here post pandemic.

A sustainable livelihood support would go a long way in helping such families. Helping the women to involve in income generation initiatives would lead to asset creation such as goat rearing. SPPD also has commenced a pilot project on Climate Change impacts.

This project aims to control the methane emissions from the paddy fields that have been found to contribute hugely to the increase in global temperature levels. Massive sensitization among farmers in the region on the practices would greatly reduce the Co2 emissions in to the atmosphere.

So, the year 2023 would be full of hectic activities consisting of interventions aimed at the improving the lot of the local communities for SPPD and that of environment concerns.






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