Children’s Day

Team SPPD Nov 14, 2022

November 14th is celebrated as Children’s Day. This annual observance certainly goes a long way in helping us to contemplate so many vital things that impact the welfare of children. On the one hand, there is a huge number of children who struggle to receive the necessities and bare minimum essential needs incredibly nutritious food.

And on the other hand, technological advancements have thrown open new challenges to those children who can afford them. We are all aware the children of the current generation are bestowed with various talents, unlike the previous generations. Indeed the unimaginable growth and the revolutionary developments in the field of Information Technology have brought in changes that would have been unimaginable a few decades back.

This internet-based digital world has given enormous opportunities to get exposure to a lot of things. The handy smartphone has been the floodgate for myriad information. And hence children too happen to utilize phones in a big way. Online education which had become a necessary tool of education during the pandemic times has maximized the usage of smartphones among children. The exposure to various social media platforms has increased multifold automatically. Such exposure has both merits and demerits for children. At the same time, such usage of social media had helped to fulfill the needs of education and the exposure of children to a lot of unwanted sites that would impact negatively on the psychology of children.

And in such circumstances especially during the long pandemic times, SPPD went a long way in helping the children of our target villages. These children were badly affected due to the long closure of schools and hence deprived of nutritious food. The huge loss of livelihood during the pandemic among the daily wagers has further aggravated the condition of children of daily wages. SPPD with the help of the donors of Give India has been distributing nutritious food kits every month.

As many as around 1500 children have been benefiting from this intervention. SPPD has also been generating awareness of the judicious use of digital economic tools such as smartphones among the masses here. This would in turn lead to the betterment of the children of the families. As the future is in the hands of the children of today, SPPD attaches enormous importance to the empowerment of children in all its interventions since its inception. And SPPD extends greetings to all children on this Children’s day.

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