Happy Pongal

Team SPPD Jan 17, 2023

The whole world is preparing to welcome the New Year 2023. The people across all nations are bracing themselves to celebrate the birth of the new year......

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Christmas has arrived again to bring us a joyful season after a few years. The global community has already got in to its regular routine.

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The Hungry Child project was implemented with full fervor during the month of November. As many as 1500 children were provided with the nutrition kit during the month.

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The reporting period of around six months, since the month of January to June 2022 was full of happy movements for the team members of SPPD. The nutrition kits sponsored by the kind hearted donors of Give India were being distributed to around 1344 children every month.

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Children’s Day

Team SPPD Nov 14, 2022

November 14th is celebrated as Children’s Day. This annual observance certainly goes a long way in helping us to contemplate so many vital things that impact the welfare of children.

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November 5th is observed as Tsunami day. Come December every year, amid joy and festivities such as Christmas celebrations are the memory of the devastating Tsunami disaster also haunts humanity...

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Let this Diwali bring Happiness!

Team SPPD Oct 22, 2022

Deepavali or Diwali as it is called in some parts of the the country is a festival of light and is celebrated across India and in the countries to which Indians have migrated.

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